Hiway Geotechnical is a pioneer in the field of geotechnical ground improvement solutions. Our team offers lateral thinking and innovative technology to tackle the toughest engineering challenges.

Providing a full design and project management service, Hiway Geotechnical’s capability covers engineering challenges such as slope reinforcement, slope stabilisation, anchoring, deep soil mixing, jet grouting and mass stabilisation. We are proud to be recognised as New Zealand’s leading provider of advanced ground improvement technology.

With decades of experience, we offer expertise on projects ranging from major civil infrastructure projects, to remediation of sensitive sites, to residential property foundation work. Always up-to-date with the latest international equipment, technology and expertise, we are one of the few ground improvement contractors skilled enough to design and construct earthquake engineering solutions.


Hiway Geotechnical specialises in soft soil problems with TurboJet and COLMIX deep soil mixing solutions. For fast and cost effective solutions to slope reinforcement and stabilisation, we offer Shotrods and Supernails soil nail technology.

Talk to Hiway Geotechnical about:

Slip repairs.
Slope reinforcement.
Building support and settlement.
Contamination remediation.
Tanking and basements.
Liquefaction mitigation.
Seismic upgrades.
Temporary works.
Micro piles.

Our experienced team offers lateral thinking and innovative technology to tackle the toughest engineering challenges.


Part of the Hiway Group, Hiway Geotechnical draws on 30 years experience as an industry leader in the field of ground improvement technology. Innovative from day one, Hiway Geotechnical was responsible for bringing deep soil mixing technology to New Zealand, making us the most respected name in ground and soil improvement works.

We look beyond traditional methods or the ‘way things have always been done’ to ensure our customers reap the benefits of the latest international technology and best practice. Onboard computers ensure consistency and performance for every project, and comprehensive sampling and post construction testing confirms durability.

Hiway Geotechnical’s solutions meet stringent engineering criteria and are benchmarked against international best practice. Our engineers are active members of domestic and international Geotechnical organisations and associations.


Design & Project Management Services

As the most trusted name in Geotechnical ground works, customers rely on Hiway Geotechnical’s complete project management service for project success. Our team of designers, engineers and operators take your project from initial site appraisal, through design optimisation and value engineering to final design certification.

Our accredited engineers meet stringent criteria and have access to the expertise of our international partners when specialist knowledge is required. Behind the scenes, our designers work on advanced 2D and 3D finite element modelling to provide full analysis and tailored solutions.

Christchurch Rebuild

As experts in the field of Geotechnical remediation of foundations, solutions for liquefaction, and building support and settlement, Hiway Geotechnical is a major contractor in the rebuilding of Christchurch.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has recommended our deep soil mixing technology techniques for use in foundation works associated with the Christchurch rebuild. Hiway Geotechnical has helped building owners avoid the cost of undertaking new building work by providing solutions for repair and remediation.

Seismic strengthening solutions can also be provided through restricted access jet grouting applications.